Why Is Brisk Walking Better Than Running?

Humans as a species, have an aversion to strenuous work because it goes against our body’s natural tendency to conserve energy for emergencies. That’s just a fancy way to say that we are lazy! But we all do one thing whether we like it or not. We all walk.

Walking is an exercise platform that is accessible to all. You do not require any training, or equipment to walk. Since it is our primary means of locomotion, it can be done at almost any point in time, anywhere.


How Brisk Walking Is Different

What exactly do you mean by brisk walking? When you walk at a pace faster than your usual pace, that’s technically brisk walking. Running burns more calories and gives the body an overall better exercise than walking.


So, how then, is brisk walking healthier than running? The answer is in its simplicity of execution. To start running, you need to give consideration to your present heart condition, along with the condition of your lungs. You also have to consider your weight and how it would affect your knees and feet.

On the other hand, to execute a brisk walk, you do not need to consider any of the above. It is actually healthier than running because it is least likely to cause sprains, twists or any other musculoskeletal injuries.


Why It Beats Running

A brisk walk in the early morning or evening benefits you both mentally and physically, thereby contributing to your overall happiness and healthy living. In fact, you don’t really need to set apart time for this. A brisk walk can be executed anytime, whether you’re running to the store for some supplies or catching up with friends at a nearby café.

The major advantage is that you can achieve all the benefits of a rigorous workout with brisk walking without exposing yourself to the risks usually associated with such activities.