You Were Walking the Wrong Way All Along

It can be hard to believe how something as basic as walking can be used as a fitness tool to build strength and stamina, make your bones stronger, and lose weight. Walking for fitness is different from everyday walking.


Setting Up The Foundation For Fitness

 When you look at people who maintain a high level of fitness, you’ll invariably find that constant movement or walking forms the foundation of their exercise regimen. But is it so easy to just walk your way to a healthy living situation? If yes, then what is the right way to do it?


Breaking The Habit

 According to Richard Handford, one of the leading podiatrists of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, just getting a good posture isn’t everything. A surprisingly large number of people walk in a way that makes them susceptible to injuries and since these people are so used to it, it can be difficult to correct them.


Walking For Dummies

 For starters, here’s how to get your posture right.

  • You need to keep your shoulders relaxed.
  • Stand to your full height keeping your chest high and your back straight.
  • Keep your arms bent at 90 degrees from the elbow and swing it in tandem with the opposite leg to maintain balance.
  • Your chin should be pointing down and pulled in a bit so that your neck remains neutral.
  • Your strides need to be uniform.
  • The heel must strike the ground first. Then, you roll the pressure along the ball of your foot to the toe, and push the ground off with it.


The Right Moves

 When you walk, your head should be raised up and your gaze needs to be about 10 feet in front. Make the effort to move your legs along the same lines of your hips. It’s also a good idea to pump your arms keeping elbows bent. Also, don’t try to take longer strides, instead focus on taking more steps per minute.

Maintaining these pointers in perspective when walking will get you the results you’re looking for without causing injuries, while making your fitness sessions more enjoyable.