5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Walking Routes Right Now!

It’s an undisputed fact that walking or running can help you lose weight and refresh your mind. Walking helps maintain your good cholesterol, boosts your energy and improves your heart’s health. Research also states that walking regularly can help reduce the risk of diabetes or help alleviate it and improve your blood sugar levels.

However, it’s important to remember that changing your walking routes will help you maximize its benefits. Here’s a list of 5 reasons why you should change your walking route frequently:


  1. Fight Boredom

One of the prominent excuses to avoid walking is that it’s boring. Well, if you stick to one route for all your walks, it’s bound to get boring! You will pass the same locations every day and might end up memorizing each bump on the way. This might lead to a bit of weariness and may discourage you from going on walks regularly. Changing your routes will excite you for each walk. You will begin to look forward to your walks and to explore new views and locations on your way everyday.


  1. Keep up the Intensity!

If you stick to the same route, your body might end up adapting to the intensity levels of your walk and this might diminish the effectiveness of your exercise. This is the case with gym routines too as our bodies quickly adapt to the exercises limiting the effects of our workouts. Choosing new routes with varying difficulty levels will further intensify your routines and help you battle weight issues more effectively.

  1. Don’t fall for Repetitive Stress

Walking or running on the same path will lead to repetitive stress on your body. Your body will end up applying the same stress on the same parts, especially your muscles and ligaments. The repeated stress will end up harming you and causing muscle imbalance. Changing routes will not lead to such repetitive stress as each route will be new to your body and the stress levels will alter according to the terrain. The intensity of your workout will improve as it will work on various muscles of your body.


  1. Motivate Yourself

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”
― Roy T. Bennett


Apart from avoiding boredom, changing your walking routes is absolutely essential to pump up your motivation! As your body gets used to the route, it causes you to reach a point of stagnancy. This reduces energy levels during your walks and you might feel dejected or give up walking entirely. If you want to keep yourself motivated to reach your fitness and health goals, changing routes will help do that. New terrains, views, locations and new photo opportunities will give you the extra boost you need to go for walks regularly and maintain a healthy workout! (Read 10 Things to Do while Walking in Abu Dhabi)


  1. Change the scenery

Abu Dhabi has various locations to offer such as waterfronts, parks, downtown streets, gardens, mangroves, desert you name it! Apart from exciting you for your walks, changing the scenery of your routes will also help change and elevate your mental “scenery.” It will uplift your mood and create a positive energy around you. You can provide yourself the experiences of various natural and man-made environments and marvel at the beauty of life as you walk each day!

Now that you know, go ahead and change your walking routes frequently. Walking is one of the best exercises to help maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle and you want to make sure to reap the best possible outcome!


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