Winning Formula to Lose Weight

5K × 5 Days/Week

Walking You through the Winning Formula to Lose Weight

Do you want to torch your belly fat? Are you looking to shed some kilos and are in search of the perfect physical activity to aid weight loss?

Well, here’s our answer: Walking — specifically brisk walking — is the ideal way to lose weight. If you do it the right way, walking can help you burn significant calories!

The Golden Equation:

You simply need to follow a regular walking schedule for 30-90 minutes to achieve significant weight loss. It’s as simple as that! You don’t have to walk every day of the week as long as you set and commit yourself to a specific goal; that is: brisk walking for a minimum of 225 minutes per week; an average of 45 minutes for 5 days a week. If you are just starting out, you can walk at a normal pace and steadily increase your speed to achieve the golden equation of 5K × 5 Days/Week.


How much weight will you lose?

According to Mayo Clinic, walking is a crucial physical activity for weight control. 30 minutes of walking per day could help you torch about 150 calories each day! In order to lose a pound per week, you will need to eliminate about 500 calories a day. Basically, the more you walk and the more you increase your walking pace, the more calories you will torch away!

If you keep at it for a month without gaining weight, you are sure to lose around 2 kilos in a month. Be sure to note that this figure may vary according to the intensity level and duration of your walks.


Input Versus Output

Another factor you need to take into consideration is your calorie intake. In order to lose the flab, you really don’t have to give up on everything that you like to eat. Just practice some moderation. To lose weight, you need to first attack the fat that’s stored up in your body. This can only be achieved if you monitor your calorie intake.


It is also important to diversify your diet as it will help ensure a healthy gut as well as a healthy intake of a variety of nutrients. Make sure to add different fresh fruits and vegetables and, of course, plenty of water.


In a Nutshell

Simply put, to achieve a weight loss of about 2 kilograms in a month; you need to walk at least 5K a day and five days a week whilst limiting and monitoring your calorie intake.

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