Top 7 routes for the Keen Walker in Abu Dhabi

“A good wander unveils the wonders of a city” – The Guardian




Walking is one of the best exercises for your body, soul and mind. Not only does it help you burn calories, it also helps you relax, meditate and enjoy the beauty around you. It can take you places without hurting your pocket!

Are you ready to start walking but don’t know where to go? A part from its beautiful parks (Read: 16 Parks for a Great Walk in Abu Dhabi), Abu Dhabi offers a beautiful selection of walking routes that are sure to inspire and motivate you to get your walking shoes on right away!

Here’s a list of the top 7 walking routes in our beautiful city:


  1. The Corniche

About 10 km long  


Stretching along the northwest cost of the city, the Corniche is on the top list with its beautiful coastal pathway of about 10 km long.

The waterfront road is the perfect place for families as it’s safe, day or night, and offers ample of space for children of all ages to enjoy with their parents. It’s also a great place for enthusiasts of rollerblading and cycling. The fresh ocean breeze, well-maintained pavements and a striking number of marvelous Abu Dhabi landmarks along the way will make you look forward to your daily walks.

The Corniche is also lined with charming gardens making it one of the top walking routes Abu Dhabi has to offer. The beautiful parks will help you elevate your walking experience and let you change up your walking routes frequently.

If you are up for it, you can walk through the entire 10 km route. Good on you! However, you can also choose from different sections of the route if you are looking for shorter walks. Here’s the breakup:

• From The Hilton Hotel (Al Khubairah) to Marina Mall or the Heritage Village;
• From Hiltonia (starting at the Picture Of Late Sheikh Zayed) to the end of Ras Al Akhdar, the new Presidential Palace. Along the way, you’ll get to see a number of beautiful hotels including the Emirates Palace and the Etihad Towers;
• From The Hilton Hotel (Al Khubairah) towards the eastern side, i.e., until the public beach;
• From the public beach to the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce;
• From the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce to the old port in Mina Road.

A must-see is the breathtaking sunset that the Corniche offers all year long! Enjoy this further by walking on the beautiful sandy beaches barefoot! (Read: Four Reasons Why Walking Barefoot On Sand is a Great Idea”)


  1. The Breakwater

 About 2 km long           


On the south western end of the Corniche, this route stretches a distance of about 2 km. Popular amongst residents and visitors alike, it’s a great option for your fitness routine. When the weather is good, you will get to enjoy some fresh breeze to give you that extra boost of energy.

During your walk on this man-made breakwater, you can immerse yourself in history at the Heritage Village and enjoy the view of the city’s iconic landmark, the flagpole, located near The National Theatre. On the other end, you can also enjoy the brilliant views across the ocean water to modern Abu Dhabi and its stunning skyscrapers.


  1. The Eastern Mangroves Corniche

 About 4 km        



This is one of the less crowded walking routes in the city. It faces the Eastern Lagoon Mangrove National Park and allows for a peaceful and quiet stroll. The presence of Mangroves will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city during your walks, and the fresh air blowing over the beautiful creek will truly refresh your mind. The park is also a great place for a relaxing picnic to spend some quality family time.


  1. Eastern Mangroves Promenade

 About 1.5 km       


This sophisticated route offers magnificent views of the souk-inspired architecture of the Eastern Mangroves Hotel and Spa by Anantara. The open pedestrian zone allows you to enjoy walking along the marina.

The promenade boasts a good number of chic eateries as well as a great view of the beautiful national park. It also hosts a couple of craft fairs and markets which you could enjoy as a part of your stroll.

You can add some fun to your routine by enjoying one of the many water sports offered such as kayaking, stand up paddling, or a trip on a traditional Dhow trip.
The sunsets here are sure to lift up your spirit!

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  1. The Galleria at Promenade (Al Maryah Island)

 About 500 m      



This promenade offers a fantastic view of modern Abu Dhabi and its lively business and commercial centre. The walkway is filled with a variety of cafes, restaurants and public activities making it a great place for people watching! One of its alluring charm is the luxurious Galleria Mall. Just another reason to get you walking!
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  1. Yas Marina Circuit

 5.5 km       


Home to Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Yas Marina Circuit is an impressive Formula 1 track with magnificent grandstands and corners. It’s a total of 5.5 km long and opens up to public every once a week in the evenings. It’s free! All you need to do is register yourself. It’s a part of the city’s initiative to make residents active and prioritize their physical health. Walking is good for health and what better place to walk than the world’s iconic Formula 1 track?

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7. Zayed Sports City



Located by Airport Road, Zayed Sports City is a massive sports and entertainment complex that also hosts several events and activities for families. Every Monday 5-8PM, the complex holds a TrainZSC’s free weekly activity to climb steps at the Sports City Stadium, and walk or run around the football field.

The area, in general, is large enough to go for a walk across the complex any time during the day. Furthermore, the open spaces, comparatively fewer people, and abundant lighting makes it an ideal setting to go for a stroll alone or with your family. There’s a bicycling or roller-skating track, too, if you wish to try out something new.

The park has a playground for kids as well to keep them busy while you work out. Zayed Sports City offers a great environment and an inspiring atmosphere to focus on your health and have fun while at it.
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This list is definitely not exhaustive! Abu Dhabi is a marvelous city and there’s always something new to explore. Don’t forget to take advantage of your local neighborhood streets and downtown areas. A few good examples of city streets would be Al Salam street, Hamdan Street, Khalifa Street, Airport Road…to name a few. You can use these walks to immerse yourself in the charm of tiny city lanes filled with local shops and cafés. Abu Dhabi is full of rich history and these tiny alleys will allow you to appreciate the transformation Abu Dhabi has witnessed over the years.
Warning: Be careful when crossing the streets!

So, go ahead and wander! There are many wonders in Abu Dhabi yet to be discovered by you!