12 Reasons Why Walking In The Park Makes You Happy

Abu Dhabi is full of parks that offer a varied range of well-maintained walkways, a change in scenery, and abundant green spaces. But, did you know that a walk in the park will also make you happy? Here’s why:

1. Parks encourage physical activity

All parks provide a great space and opportunity for exercise. The greenery and the beautiful scenery of the park combined with pretty walkways make your walks compelling and ensure that your routine doesn’t end up being a cumbersome activity. The ambience of the park with its pleasing atmosphere will surely push you to keep on coming for your daily walks and to escape the city rush. Parks in Abu Dhabi offer a variety of fitness equipments to complement your walks and elevate your daily physical routine. This goes a long way in encouraging an active and healthy self!

2. Boost your Spiritual and Mental Well-being

Parks nurture mental and spiritual growth as they provide the perfect environment to meditate and clear your mind. The green spaces have a positive impact on your mood and help develop a holistic mental and spiritual balance.

3. Opportunity to socialize

Parks are a great place for you to meet your friends or even make new ones! This is especially good for expats who may feel homesick or lonely.

4. Help awaken the creative genius!

Immersing yourself in the beauty and solace of a park can also give way to your creativity. Parks are known to boost creativity as they provide an undisturbed opportunity to simply think and reflect. Beethoven too enjoyed his daily routine walks and considered them important as they provided him some solitary time to reflect on his work and create his musical masterpieces. Who knows? Maybe you too are a superstar yet to be discovered!

5. A Green Respite for Busy Moms!

Parks are a great place for kids as there’s plenty of activities to keep them busy. It’s a great option for busy moms who find it difficult to carve out some time for exercise. Taking your kids to the park will help you take care of your health as well as relax after a long day taking care of your kids! Your children will be happily engaged in all the activities at the park as you make good use of all the walkways and the lush green spaces!

6. Help your kids flourish

Studies show that parks help kids flourish as they offer a safe space for kids to interact with each other. A lot of social experiments and research conducted on early child development suggest that playing in groups, especially outdoors in nature, is extremely beneficial for children as it ensures that kids develop higher cognitive abilities and social skills.

7. Let you breathe in some fresh air!

The greenery in the parks offer the best quality of fresh crisp air. Such air is generally missing in urban spaces and a walk in the park will boost your mood simply due to a good intake of oxygen!

8. It’s cool!

Parks are generally cooler compared to urban spaces, about four to six degrees cooler, and who isn’t happy to get away from the heat?

9. Allow to unplug from the digital world

The beauty of the park is sure to pull you away from your gadgets. May it be the relaxing sound of the water fountains, the pretty sights of interesting monuments or the beautiful aromas of fragrant flowers; all these elements in the park will capture your attention and compel you to focus on the nature surrounding you. You will automatically unplug from the tech world and be magically connected to the environment and to yourself!

10. Great stress busters!

Parks are great places to relieve stress as they provide calm spaces to relax and unwind. There is extensive study that states that a walk in the park will help improve your concentration as well as help you relax and become a mindful thinker. The greenery in the park boosts positivity within self and brings up the energy levels.

11. It’s mostly just down the street

Abu Dhabi offers so many parks that they are mostly just a few blocks away no matter where you stay! They are easily accessible and with abundant parking spaces.

12. It’s free of charge

Almost all the parks are free of charge or only have a nominal fee.

See, we don’t need money to be happy! We need parks!

So, get out and walk in a park pronto! After all, it’s happiness that we all seek and when happiness can be a simple walk in the park, what’s stopping you?


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