15 Parks for a Great Walk in Abu Dhabi

15 Parks for a Great Walk in Abu Dhabi

No more excuses to not go walking in the Capital!

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

– John Muir (Father of National Parks)

Walking outdoors, especially in green spaces, has become the need of our time. The speed and intensity of modern life is bound to saturate our nerves making us reach for a time-out. In such instances, a walk outdoors can turn out to be our saving grace! It gives us an opportunity to go somewhere quiet and meditate or just be at peace. It also gives us the space to de-stress.


Brisk walking or walking in general boosts your energy and improves your overall health. And if done amidst the beautiful greenery, it’s sure to enrich your senses and soul!


In Abu Dhabi, you don’t need to search far and wide for this peaceful space, as you are lucky to be a quick ride (or even a walk) away from the nearest park!


There are different types of parks in the city and they embrace different purposes. There’s something for everyone! Are you looking for reasons to head out to the beautiful parks for your walks?

Here you go:

Reason No. 1: To be one with nature.

City life is sure to get you longing for some fresh natural air and some serenity of the outdoors especially when you go for a walk! You don’t need to end up in a forest for that! Abu Dhabi has beautiful parks that are sure to satisfy these natural cravings.


Reason No. 2: To simply relax and enjoy the calm.

Sometimes all you need is a peaceful haven to escape from all your work stress, family stress and, basically, borur mind healthy. Remember, healthy body starts with a healthy mind! These parks in Abu Dhabi provide ample of spaces to simply relax and unwind before, after, or even, in between your walks. Once you enter these calm spaces, we are sure you are going to find it very difficult to leing old daily routines! This peaceful space is important to keep yoave!


Reason No. 3: To satisfy your fitness routine.

If you are looking to change your walking routes (Link to Change Walking routes article) and are in search of one enveloped in beautiful greenery, search no more! Abu Dhabi’s parks are the right accessories to focus on your health. The beautiful walkways in each park will ensure that you stay true to your fitness routines.


Reason No. 4: To enjoy some family time.

Daily walks can be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the family. However, it’s quite challenging to keep everyone excited for the walks, especially children! The parks in Abu Dhabi are a great place for all to enjoy; from adults to toddlers!


Reason No. 5: To enjoy simple Abu Dhabi pleasures.

There’s much to appreciate in Abu Dhabi and as we get tied down by our mundane life, it becomes quite difficult to enjoy all that Abu Dhabi has to offer. Why not enjoy Abu Dhabi and its beautiful vistas and quirks as we stroll across the parks?


Now that you have plenty of reasons, are you ready to enjoy all of Abu Dhabi’s Parks? Here’s a list of all the parks in the capital:


  • Uum Al Emarat Park, Al Mushrif
  • Family Park (Corniche Khalildiya)
  • Al Khaleej Al Arabi Park
  • Delma Park
  • Khalifa Park
  • Capital Park (Khalifa Street)
  • Lake Park (Corniche Markazia)
  • Formal Park
  • Heritage Park
  • Yas Gateway Park
  • Al Khubairah Park
  • The Old Airport Park family
  • Public Garden
  • Bani Yas Park
  • Masdar Park


  1. Uum Al Emarat Park, Al Mushrif

This park is one of the oldest and largest green spaces in Abu Dhabi and is set in the heart of the city between 15th Street and 23rd Street. The overall essence of this park is to embrace UAE’s cultural and natural history and beauty. The park honors Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, an advocate of preserving UAE’s natural history. This park revels in 14.5 hectares of informal and formal gardens, tree-lined walking routes and a magnificent variety of flora and fauna included in a Shade House, Animal Barn, Botanic Garden, Great Lawn and a grand number of flower gardens.

It’s an ideal choice to set your walking route to indulge in nature. The natural bounty of this park also comes along with a piece of history. Over 250 old broadleaf and palm trees, some over 25 years old, have been salvaged and repositioned in this newly renovated park. Abundance of greenery and history is sure to boost your energy levels as you take a walk in this park. The park also offers a number of free fitness activities such as Yasalam’s fitness programme, Get Driver Fit, High Intensity Training and yoga classes, as well as organizes a community run/walk each Saturday morning. Winter month weekends bring with them the popular Ripe Market which showcases local food businesses, live cooking stations, and organic fruit and vegetables stalls.

It’s a great place to combine your walking with other fitness activities and carve out some space for leisure and tranquility. For more information, please check http://www.ummalemaratpark.ae/



  1. Family Park (Corniche Khalildiya)

This park is undoubtedly the largest park in Abu Dhabi. Located in Corniche Central near Sheraton Khalidiya, the entire area is split into a couple of parks, mainly the Family Park, Skate Park, Urban Park and the Family Water Park. Family Park is.

The Family Park is the largest of all the parks in the area and boasts a grand selection of play areas for children of all age groups. There is a wide selection of walking routes in the park which includes beautiful gardens, designed pathways and bridges. The Family Water Park has a grand fountain to walk around along with some shaded seating area to relax. The Skate Park is a fun place for kids to skateboard and BMX on ramps. The Urban Park houses a classic walkway that provides you a great view of Abu Dhabi’s landscape. There’s plenty of parking along the Corniche. This park is free and open round the clock!

  1. Al Khaleej Al Arabi Park

This public park is about 4 km long and runs along a beautiful lake. There are a good number of benches and tables to take a short rest between your walks and to enjoy the serene view of the lake to simply de-stress. The park is away from the city yet close enough to head out to regularly for your daily walks. There’s ample of parking space available and it’s rather uncrowded making it a perfect time-out spot!

The park offers a couple of playground activities for kids and a basketball court. It’s a great place for a good picnic spot to fire up a BBQ. A grand way to start or end your weekend walks with the family.

  1. Delma Park

This Park located on Delma Street is a triangular shaped park that provides a nice and convenient escape from the city rush. The park has tons of fitness amenities making it a perfect spot to do justice to your fitness routine in a great green space. There’s a 450 m long rubber running track with proper indications at intervals of 50 m that are quite useful to keep a track on your walking or running. There’s also a tennis court, table tennis, basketball courts, a football pitch, outdoor fitness equipments and inclined mountain walls. It’s a serious place for some serious workout!

You can also bring along your kids as there are a few play areas under the trees to keep your children occupied while you concentrate on your routine. The park has plenty of parking and it’s free of charge.

For more information, please check https://www.yatra.com/international-tourism/attractions-in-abu-dhabi/delma-park

  1. Khalifa Park

Khalifa Park is massive! More than 500,000 square meters of land, this park is full of neatly manicured hedges and lawns, lush palm trees and colorful tropical flower beds. Located close to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque along Al Salam Street, this park is one of the finest Abu Dhabi has to offer. It boasts of plenty walking routes amidst beautiful green spaces and gardens. The gardens’ design is inspired by traditional Islamic and Arabic Architecture making it quite special.

That’s not it! This park also houses a Cultural Library and a Maritime Museum to add another dimension to your walks. Along with that, there’s the popular Murjan Splash Park and Lazy River where you and your family, especially the children, can have a gala time. If you feel tired walking all over the park, there’s also a fun train ride that can take you across the park. Be warned, unless you go on weekday mornings, it’s not a quiet spot! The entry fee for this park is Dhs 2.

  1. Capital Park (Khalifa Street)

The mighty ornamental coffee pots that adorn the entrance of this park are a sure sign that this park is filled with fun activities. Located on the corner of Khalifa Bin Zayed the First Street and Sultan Bin Zayed the First Street, you can’t have missed it! This park is about 5.6 hectares in size although it doesn’t look as big from the outside. It’s a great place to go along with family, and especially with kids, as there are different play areas, climbing frames, swings and slides located at several spots in the park.

There are a number of walking and jogging trails adjacent to the well-maintained lawns and amidst a large collection of palm trees. There’s abundance of shade and greenery to refresh your mind as you stroll around the park.

This park is especially convenient for those who live in the downtown area. The park also has a mosque. The entry charge is only Dhs 1 and is free for children 10 and under.


  1. Lake Park (Corniche Markazia)

This park houses a beautiful lake with walking paths that run along the water. In between, there’s a 15 m high fountain which is the main attraction of this park. There is also a unique wooden bridge over the lake. Another great feature of this park is the specific lanes created for keen walkers and joggers.

The park also has a kid’s play area to keep your children occupied as you indulge in your daily walks. The soothing sound of the fountain will surely relax your mind as you let the walk boost your health and energy! This park is free and open 24/7.

  1. Formal Park

This park is located right in front of Le Royal Méridien Abu Dhabi and is just across the Lake Park. Unlike its name, it’s quite a relaxed place to unwind with the family. The park has a maze, its top attraction, that lets the wheels of your brain work as you go about walking. You can also enjoy the maze with your family and compete against each other to see who finishes first. There are a couple of BBQ pits as well that you can enjoy with the family on the weekends.

The park also hosts a couple of exercise stations and badminton courts to elevate your fitness routines along with your daily walks. There are no entry fees for this park.


  1. Heritage Park

This park is one of the prettiest parks in Abu Dhabi and known to be quite picture perfect! It has a gorgeous location nestled at the eastern end of the Corniche opposite Mina Port and boasts grand views of the city and the Dhow harbour across Al Mina.

There are a couple of walking paths along the fountains and lawns making for a picturesque walking experience. Unique attractions of this park also include small forts and man-made caves and stone structures.

This park also has a few BBQ pits to wind down with the family on weekends. Climbing frames, sand pits and play areas are sure to keep your kids busy as you enjoy your walks and escape all kinds of stresses! It’s free and open 24/7!

  1. Yas Gateway Park

Located on the Yas Island not far from Ferrari World and Yas Mall, this park is split into two sections: North and South. Having said that, it is one of the quieter parks! Surprised? That’s because it’s quite away from the city. Furthermore, the trees do a fantastic job of keeping the outside noise out! There’s plenty of pretty avenues and large green spaces throughout the park to offer you some peace of mind.

The park also has a few tennis courts and a selection of outdoor fitness and training equipment if it’s a serious workout you are looking for after or before your walks. There’s also some nice picnic and BBQ/cooking areas to enjoy a great evening with the family. Children will be happily engaged in the big and covered playgrounds that have a variety of fun equipments including a sandbox! The park also has large open grounds that are perfect for kite flying or even football!

The park has beautifully designed and landscaped walking paths that run along well-manicured green lawns with plenty of trees all around. There are benches along the way if you feel like cooling off in the shade. There’s a lot of walking space and trails that will make you feel like you are on a different route every time! It’s your own piece of green in between a desert!


  1. Al Khubairah Park

This is a nice shaded park on the Corniche West that is close to the public beach. It’s a small hidden park that makes it a perfect spot for a good walk if you live around the area. The walking pathway is a short one but the serenity of the park – on weekdays though- goes a long way in boosting your mood. It’s free and open 24/7.


  1. The Old Airport Park family

The Old Airport Park is located near Zayed Sports City and Carrefour. It’s a great relaxing spot to enjoy some ‘alone’ time and it’s quite calm and peaceful especially during the day. There are plenty of trees in this park that offer abundance of shade.

There are a couple of fun rides and a traditional carousel in the park as well to keep your children entertained. The park is also famous for its pineapple shaped swings that are quite unique! If you feel like indulging after your walks or as a part of ‘me’ time, there are also a couple of fast food restaurants right around the corner!


  1. Public Garden

Public Garden is located on Bainunah Street opposite InterContinental Hotel and is a narrow park lined with lush palm trees. It also has a 200 m long bike track if you are looking to up your walking routine and get on a bike once in a while.

The park has several benches along the way if you feel like taking a break while walking or biking. Another unique feature of this park is the water jet fountains shooting up from the ground. That’s sure to excite your kids and keep them occupied while you walk. This park is free and open 24 hours!


  1. Bani Yas Park

This park is located in the outskirts of Al Mafraq and can be accessed on the route to Al Ain City. It’s a popular choice for walkers, joggers and cyclists as there’s a nice track that runs along the circumference of the park. The rich green park offers a cool respite from the surrounding desert area. It’s a great place to breathe in some fresh air as you finish your laps around the track. The children play areas in this park have some fun slides and a sandpit. The sandpit offers a novel place to let your kids’ creative imagination go wild as you concentrate on your walks. The entry fee to this park is Dhs 1.


  1. Masdar Park

This park is full of recycled shipping containers! Yup, it’s very quirky and unique! Located in Masdar City, this park has “greenprint” running all over it. The Park is almost like an outdoor food court except all the eateries are inside the recycled shipping containers. The lights and energy used in this park is powered by solar panels to ensure sustainability and a low carbon footprint.

It’s also a great place for a walk as it has a 2.5 km long Al Mamsha walking route that starts at the Masdar Park. You can have this walk before you head out to the restaurants to build up your appetite or you can have it after to lose those extra calories!

The walking route here has a couple of fitness equipments placed at several intervals along the path. You can also book and avail a basketball court or a football field. There’s plenty of shaded playgrounds and climbing frames for children to enjoy. One of the other unique features of this park is the “Tree of Light” which lights up and changes colors with human interaction. All in all, it makes for an absolutely fun park!

For more information, please check http://masdar.ae/en/masdar-city/detail/masdar-park

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